Twisted Mary

The Twisted Mary is our version of a Red Snapper, created using Twisted Nose gin and a fiery chilli sauce from our friends at Spice Island Chilli.

The Red Snapper is gin’s answer to the Bloody Mary. Designed with 11 am on Sunday in mind - it’s a refreshing pick-me-up with complex and enjoyable flavours.⁣


⁣50ml of Twisted Nose

⁣Helping of Spice Island Chilli sauce⁣

⁣4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce ⁣

⁣200ml tomato juice ⁣

⁣Pinch of freshly ground black pepper ⁣

⁣Pinch of celery salt ⁣

⁣Fresh celery⁣

⁣1 x lemon ⁣

⁣Ice (optional to serve) ⁣


❤️Line rim of a glass with lemon, dip the glass into celery salt and black pepper. ⁣

❤️Into shaker pour gin, spice island chilli sauce, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice. Squeeze the remains of the lemon. A pinch of black pepper. ⁣

❤️Add ice if you fancy. ⁣

❤️Gently shake!⁣

❤️Strain the into a glass. ⁣

❤️Garnish with fresh celery.⁣