The Flo

The Flo is our take on the classic cocktail The Floradora.☀️


Taken straight from Broadway - expect sweet and tart, with a hint of ginger spice, heating you up and cooling you down all at the same time.⁣


⁣Named after a hugely successful musical comedy that first debuted in London's West End in 1899 - the story goes that at an after-show party, a lovely young actress from the cast asked the bartender to come up with something brand new, he did, and the rest was history…⁣


⁣50ml Monkey 47 gin

⁣25ml White Heron British Framboise raspberry liqueur

⁣25ml lime juice⁣

⁣Ginger ale⁣

⁣Raspberries to garnish⁣


⁣Build all of the ingredients in a glass over ice⁣

⁣Stir well, garnish and serve🎉💞