Silent Pool Distillers in the heart of the Surrey Hills

Last week we were invited by the lovely Sophie to visit Silent Pool Distillery based in the Surrey Hills, located on the Albury Estate.

Launched in 2015, Silent Pool Distillery was created by a group of friends who had a vision to produce handcrafted, artisan spirits with uncompromising quality, using local ingredients.

Housed in renovated farm buildings, the distillery sits right next to the Silent Pool itself, a beautiful, mysterious spring-fed lake at the foot of the North Downs, near Guildford in Surrey.


The pool has somewhat of a spooky reputation, with claims that it's haunted by the ghost of a woodcutter's daughter, driven to her death by King John, the ruler of England between 1199 and 1216.

The story goes that a young maiden was swimming in the pool when she was approached on horseback by the King. Panicking, she fled into deeper water where she drowned. Not attempting to save her, King John fled the scene and during his escape a feather from his hat became stuck in a tree, incriminating him in her death.

If you look closely at the label, you can spot the fallen maiden and King John alongside the 24 unique botanicals used to produce the gin, with the blue glass taking inspiration from the striking chalky spring-water.

Moving inside, we were introduced to 'Major' a 200-year-old vintage wood fired steam boiler that originated from the docks of Liverpool. Restored to his former glory, he heats Juliet; the original hand-built German copper still. In 2018, growing demand for Silent Pool Gin saw the opening of a new still house; a converted barn extension which houses Orpehlia at five times the size - Juliet used now for small-batch experimental projects.

Silent Pool uses 24 ingredients in their gin recipe at varying stages of production including bergamot, chamomile, orange, pear, lavender and even locally sourced honey - this results in a beautiful juniper base drink with a subtly sweet though intricately-balanced tipple.

Alongside Silent Pool Gin, we were also invited to try their 'Silent Pool Distillers' Small Batch spirits. Their expert distillers love nothing more than to experiment with seasonal ingredients, creating flavours such as English Rose, Chamomile Gin Cordial, Redcurrant Gin, and the ever so moreish Apricot Aperitivo.

The distillery runs both public and private tours throughout the year, which can be found here.

During an immersive 90-minutes, you'll learn some history of gin, the story of how the brand came to life and even be let into a few secrets such as the unique four-stage process of production, and why they use their chosen botanicals.

We had a super day out and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the methods, and skill that goes into creating the award-winning gin! Thanks, Silent Pool x

For more details on the distillery, their products or tours, please head over to their website -