Anyone for a Garden Party?

Check out the quintessentially British English Garden - or, the Garden Party as we like to call it.🥳

Using Elderflower Warner's gin, this easy to make, refreshing cocktail evokes images of endless apple orchards and languid summer days.


⁣50ml Elderflower Warner's gin

⁣75ml pressed apple juice⁣

⁣25ml elderflower cordial⁣

⁣25ml freshly squeezed lime juice⁣

⁣Cucumber and apple slices, for garnishing


⁣Place ice into a glass.⁣

⁣Pour over the gin.⁣

⁣Pour over the apple juice, elderflower and fresh lime juice.⁣

⁣Stir gently.⁣

⁣Add cucumber slices to garnish.⁣